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And lo, a massive post of Judah saAAWAAAHCRAPSHWHA

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 27, 2013, 9:16 AM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: City and Colour, "Sleeping Sickness"
  • Drinking: White Tea
 Ahem. Beg pardon. *brushes off coat tails* Where was I?

 So what's up with you guys? Stuff I'm lovin' on right now:

   -Chicks. Er. Not that kind. I mean, like... baby chickens. I... have them. That's right. Baby chickens!  :heart::happybounce::heart:

 4103175 by Judah-Leonardo

 Black Jersey Giant by Judah-Leonardo

Speckled Sussex (better) by Judah-Leonardo

If these little fluff-butts don't make you swoon, you may not have a soul.

 And these are their "baby pictures", really. About three months old now, fully feathered and in the coop full time. And before anyone asks, NO, they are not for eating. These are egg-only girls. And my babies. I actually hurled one of the cats across the yard the other day because he tried to nose-dive into the coop while I was getting things locked down for the night. No, sir. Nu-unh. I mean, I felt really bad (it was a gut reaction, snatching him out of the air and... flinging... D: ) but seriously, it woulda been bad bad news had he gotten in there in the area I can't reach well. Gotta keep my girls safe. :heart:

  (And yes, the cat is just fine, I would *never* intentionally hurt a cat, instinct or no. He's a big boy and I hope it put a little fear of God--or Judah--in him. :P)

  So yes. Chickens. They're lots of fun. :)

   -Old Japanese Samurai films! Believe it or not, a bunch of those Clint Eastwood U.S. Western movies were directly inspired by (read: ripped off) some of these marvelous Japanese films that were coming out juuuuussst ahead of them. Seriously! The "Man With No Name"? That whole concept was has been actually credited towards a particular set of these samurai films, which starred Toshiro Mifuni (who I wish was not dead so I could crush on him without it being creepy :grump:).


Where were you all my liiiiiiiiiffffe.

  But yes! Action! Swordsmanship! Giggles aplenty! So much fun. The most famous director of the 50's and 60's era films of that genre, Akira Kurosawa, is apparently regarded by many critics as one of the top most important/influential dudes in cinema history. Crazy.

  -Fresh summer fruit! And wineberry pie from the berries I picked outta my own yard, mmm. No chicken eggs for a while, but my mother's bees should have enough honey for extraction soon, which means even more joy! :dance: Amazing how friends and family are suddenly veeeerrry interested in visiting my parents when it's honey time, ahahaha.

 -Bare feets. Bare feets everywheres. Wearing bare feets in the grocery store like you own the world. 'Nuff said. :D

 -Finally, finally a break in the heat/humidity wave we were having here on the east coast... gosh that was yucky (and nerve-wracking--chickens don't do heat well, turns out. :C It was a week of cold fruit and shading attempts). BUT I'm sitting here writing with the a.c. off and the windows open, hearing frogs and crickets and cicadas and whatnot, and it's cool and nice.

  -Moonstruck Milk Chocolate, "Mayan". Oh God. I can taste hints of cinnamon in it. Got it today. Almost ate the whole bar in one sitting. So fat of me. Help.

 Things that are Not On?

 -Haven't been able to write. Still. Kill me. :iconoelplz:

  -Didn't get accepted into Stanford's online writing program and that... well. I don't know what to explain. This sucks. Back to drifting aimlessly? Gotta think of something new to say when people ask what I'm up to, now. Application was mostly portfolio-based, too. I can take rejection (maybe not painlessly, but I can take it) but it's just that I had so many people telling me that I shouldn't even worry. But y'know? It kinda makes praise feel a little cheapened, I wanna go up to people and be like, guys, hey, It wasn't good enough. Fine. Don't just say nice things to me, that's unhelpful to my writing and terrible for my wallet (sayonara $80 application fee, waah). 

Yes I just gif'd. What are you gonna do about it.

  Okay, that sounds really depressing. I'm bummed though, I've been having some struggles with life 'n stuff for a couple years now. Trying to learn how to function not like an amoeba etc. Writing's almost my sole talent. Any advice from you lovely people--I mean, it's such a fuzzy question to ask, but how do you deal with stuff when you're warring with yourself and occasionally entertaining thoughts of deciding not to chase dreams? Sounds melodramatic, I know. Half of this is mostly babble/venting, but man. Kicking me in the stomach when I'm down already, man. I feel like I've forgotten how to write. Er, write fiction that is, and not whiny journal posts when there's starving children in Australia or something that deserve more sympathy.

Eh. Maybe I'll settle with a virtual smack to the head, please? *Offers everyone the 2x4s of tough love* Don't hold back now. :P

 -But mainly, I miss the dA community! I've fallen out of it into lurking, it's kinda shameful but I feel so shy now. I really should go answer some comments, offer some critiques. Or something. asldkfjasldf.

  ...Not that this was an excellent way to start. I'd probably need some convincing to read anything this long (and ending on mopey notes, guh). Heh, so... anyone who has any advice... or just comments with the phrase "socktoast!cow"... gets a li'l feature from me. Not much, but hey, I'm SO overdue in showing you guys off to each other. Let's see if anyone read this far. XD

So... all that being babbled--what have you been up to? Spill spill. :D

  Peace, luvs.

     ~Judah (who is really still okay, because chicken babies)  :giggle:

Barred Rock by Judah-Leonardo



J.T. Leonard
Artist | Literature
United States
I like a lot of things, including tea and writing and ridiculousness. I'm pretty much an escapist-borderline-fangirl and into the dorky stuff, but at the end of the day I like a good story and good company to share it with. :D

Also, I'm kinda a goob, but I'm okay with that. As you may see, I am funny-looking, hobo-ish, and would probably taste great served on the half-shell.

(Briefly) more seriously: I'm a dabbler in all things strange and beautiful. Writer, poet, photographer, crafter, romantic... published short-story and nonfiction writer, looking to "make it" in the fiction publishing world.

I design and make beaded jewelry and prayer beads, and am available for crafting custom projects. Although for certain reasons I cannot at this time run an etsy shop or anything of the like, feel free to note me if interested.

Also, feel free to swing by my blog (see below) at any time! Above all, thanks for stopping by--have a lovely day. :)

Current Residence: look behind you
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: beautiful
Shell of choice: box turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Hamato Leonardo, Uncle Iroh

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